Due to high temperatures and increased fire risk in the area, the Gillard Road to Glenfir Road section of the Kettle Valley Rail Trail is temporarily closed. This includes the Chute Lake area.
We recommend exercising extreme caution when using the trail throughout the Central and South Okanagan and report all new fire activity by calling *5555. Currently activity can be monitored on
Air quality may be reduced during this time and real time updates can be found on
We encourage safe use of the trail, please respect all closures in effect and enjoy responsibly.

About the KVR

The Kettle Valley Rail (KVR) Trail and the Columbia & Western Rail Trail is the longest rail trail network in British Columbia extending from Hope to Castlegar. Once a comprehensive railroad system, the decommissioned tracks are now home to an extensive recreational trail providing almost 650 km (400 mi) of connected pathways throughout the region.

Experiences on the trail can be self-guided or part of an organized tour, with sections ranging from family-friendly day-trips to overnight legs for experienced riders.


Okanagan Trestles Tour

Ride the historic Kettle Valley Rail Trail from Myra Canyon to Penticton on Canada Day – July 1st, 2018.

Abandoned railway corridors hold unparalleled opportunities as recreational trails, and the Kettle Valley Railway is no exception. This corridor is one of the most dynamic routes in Canada, with some truly impressive scenery and spectacular views.

Cycling this trail is truly a challenging venture that unfolds over the expanse of place and time. The 2018 event will be celebrating Canada Day and the historic KVR Rail Trail.

Visit the Route 97 website for more events and festivals throughout the region.

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